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Victoria’s only dedicated Criminal & Administrative Law list

Solicitors instructing Parnell’s Barristers have absolute confidence and trust in receiving specialised advice.

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Our barristers focus solely on discrete areas of
Criminal & Administrative Law.

Criminal Law

Advice on all aspects of criminal law, often in high profile proceedings under immense public scrutiny.

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Administrative Law

Advice on the powers and responsibilities held by administrative agencies of Australian governments.

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What Parnell’s Barristers stands for

Unlike anything else seen at the Victorian Bar, Parnell’s Barristers is dedicated to Criminal & Administrative Law.

A clear purpose

Creating opportunities and the right working environment for our members to provide exceptional service to the legal industry.

Robust values

Flexibility, the appreciation of individual differences and an unwavering commitment to the wellbeing and development of all members and staff.

Our unique team

An exclusive list of members working alongside dedicated Clerks whose reputation is synonymous with care, support, trust and attention to detail.

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