Christopher Carr

Christopher Carr SC

  • Admitted: 2002
  • Bar: 2007
  • Silk: 2020


Gorman Chambers
Room 902, Level 9
460 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000


Chris Carr SC specialises in criminal and administrative law. He is usually engaged in complex, sensitive or otherwise difficult matters.

Chris Carr practises in administrative, criminal, and quasi-criminal matters, with a particular focus on appellate and review proceedings.

Chris appears in judicial reviews and other public law matters, criminal trials, pleas and appeals, OH&S prosecutions, inquests, disciplinary hearings such as those conducted by professional associations, applications for detention and supervision orders, confiscations, criminal compensation applications, and in coercive hearings before investigatory bodies such as IBAC, the ACC, and the Chief Examiner.

His practice includes providing advice to, and appearing for, government, corporations and individuals. His recent experience covers the entire spectrum of criminal law from human rights cases to substantial ‘white collar’ crime, as well as administrative law proceedings.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Recent Cases

  • Appearing in numerous appeals to the Court of Appeal in appeals against conviction and sentence (eg Mathis v R [2014] VSCA 118, King v R [2014] VSCA 107, Roth v R [2014] VSCA 242, Gordon v R [2013] VSCA 343, De Silva v R [2013] VSCA 339, Andrew v R [2013] VSCA 333, N J v R [2012] VSCA 256, Smith, Garcia & Andreevski v R [2012] VSCA 5, Saxon v R [2014] VSCA 296, Marrah v R [2014] VSCA 119, Kaya v R [2014] VSCA 55, Hicks v R [2013] VSCA 324, Cummins v R [2013] VSCA 352, Khayre v R [2013] VSCA 286, Lord v R [2013] VSCA 80), as well as appeals by the DPP (eg DPP v Rancie [2012] VSCA 258, DPP v Penny [2012] VSCA 203, DPP v Leys & Leys [2012] VSCA 30).
  • Appearing for both the State and aggrieved individuals in judicial review proceedings (eg O’Connor v County Court [2014] VSC 295, Kyriazis v Magistrates’ Court [2014] VSC 411, McWhirter v Dunlop; Tran v Harris [2013] VSC 697, Harding v County Court [2013] VSC 711).
  • Appearing for persons summoned to be coercively examined by bodies such as the IBAC, and in cases in superior courts dealing with issues arising from such coercive examination (eg Jean Ross v The Chief Commissioner of Police and the Chief Examiner [2014] VSCA 254).
  • Appearing in appeals in the Victorian Court of Appeal arising from the supervision and detention order regime for sexual offenders (Heath v R [2014] VSCA 319, Lecornu v R & DPP [2012] VSCA 137, TND v Secretary to Dept. of Justice [2012] VSCA 403, Nigro v Secretary to Dept. of Justice [2013] VSCA 213).
  • Appearing in prosecutions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (including one of relatively few recent appellate decisions on sentencing in such cases, R v Orbit Drilling & Anor [2012] VSCA 82).
  • Appearing in cases stated dealing with novel issues of the law of evidence and statutory interpretation (DPP (Cth) v Galloway & Ors [2014] VSCA 272, DPP v M N [2009] VSCA 312).
  • Appearing at the initial stages of Victoria’s first guideline judgment application, on the issue of whether a guideline judgment ought be given (Boulton v R [2014] VSCA 342).

Notable Cases

  • Appearing for a prominent former politician accused of defrauding union funds on his successful appeal against conviction.
  • Appearing on an application for a permanent stay of the charges against a person who was compulsorily examined by the ACC.
  • Appearing in Australia’s first prosecution for bribery of a foreign public official.
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