Ashley Halphen

Ashley Halphen

  • Admitted: 1992
  • Bar: 1999


Niagara Lane Chambers
29 Niagara Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000


Ash is a hard-working and tenacious trial barrister. For over twenty years he has appeared in many trials in Victoria. He is well regarded for his manner and approach when interacting with juries in the execution of both opening and, in particular, closing addresses. Ash is always extremely well prepared and is highly skilled when making the hard forensic decisions often required in the running of a trial.

Ash was included in the Doyle’s Guide 2022 and 2023 Australian Criminal Law Rankings and was also acknowledged by the same publication in both years as a leading junior counsel in Victoria. He is an accredited indictable offence specialist and a Victorian Legal Aid Criminal Trial Preferred Barrister. Ash is well equipped in meeting the special needs of his clients and is committed to the privilege of acting for individuals heavily challenged by their circumstances.

His advocacy skills are informed by his vast trial experience and the important work he has undertaken over the years outside Victoria. Ash received the Susan Crennan AC QC Victorian Bar Pro Bono Award for his volunteer work in death penalty jurisdictions in the United States; for assisting in access to justice issues in West Africa; and for acting on behalf of indigenous defendants in remote parts of Northern Australia.

Ash is dedicated to empowering local lawyers in more developing jurisdictions abroad. To this end, he has conducted advocacy training in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Nauru. He pioneered a trial advocacy program for practicing lawyers in Uganda. He has also been actively engaged on ground level in the development of legal structures in Sierra Leone and Mongolia.

In May 2022, Ash launched SnapLaw Sentencing Digest. An online research tool considering over 750 cases and including legislation, snapshots, statistics and practice notes. The digest condenses key High Court and Victorian Court of Appeal decisions down to their essential principles and is an indispensable resource tool for criminal law practitioners.

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