How we operate

Premium Expertise

Since our establishment in 2021, Parnell’s Barristers has quickly grown in reputation to become Victoria’s premier criminal and administrative law list. Unrivalled in our field, we provide independent, specialist advocacy to solicitors, organisations and members of the public.

When you instruct a barrister, the stakes are always high. The last thing you want is a jack of all trades – you need counsel who knows their practice area inside out, particularly when it comes to the complex and multi-faceted worlds of criminal and public law.

Our exclusive list of members boasts a level of collective expertise which cannot be found anywhere else in the state of Victoria. As specialist practitioners, our barristers are at the forefront of criminal and administrative law. They are not only abreast of every legislative and case law development, but are actively leading them in the courts.

We have a proven track record of success, even in the most complex and difficult matters. With a sophisticated level of advice and representation which balances legal, commercial, and political considerations, Parnell’s Barristers guarantees you the best counsel in the business.

Robust Values

At Parnell’s Barristers, we understand that the work undertaken by our barristers is pressurised and demanding. We also know that the environment in which they operate is of paramount importance – not only in terms of professional wellbeing, but to ensure that they are able to deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients.

Nowhere is this more critical than in the world of criminal and public law. Our work is often deeply personal, going to the heart of individual stories and the social structures in which we all live. With this in mind, we are proud to place mental and physical health at the front and centre of our practice.

No matter what they come up against in their daily work, we are dedicated to providing every one of our members and staff with access to the highest level of professional and personal support. With a proactive approach to identifying and resolving wellbeing issues, we are steadfast in our commitment to keeping our people happy.

The result is that our clients receive access to leading counsel who are not only at the cutting edge of criminal and administrative law, but who are themselves fully supported – and therefore uncompromised in their ability to fight your corner.

Our Unique Team

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Parnell’s Barristers are proud to be an eBrief Ready List.

Learn more about how that benefits our clients and the environment, and see what it means to be “eBrief Ready”.

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