How we operate

A clear purpose

As Victoria’s newest Barristers’ list, we are entirely focused on creating opportunities and the right working environment so that our members can provide exceptional service to the legal industry.

Our purpose is simple and unwavering.

We have created a unique business model that differentiates itself from anything else seen at the Victorian Bar. Specialisation for Barristers in the practice areas of Criminal & Administrative Law.

For Barristers, this focus aligns the list with its members and facilitates opportunities to advise on the industry’s most specialised matters.

When a solicitor instructs one of Parnell’s Barristers, they can have full confidence that they are working with the best in the business.

Robust values

Founded on the principles of care, support and trust, Parnell’s Barristers seeks to support its members in a highly stressful environment. Facilitating a working environment which places a high priority on maintaining good mental and physical health, ensures our Barristers have a clear mindset as they pursue a high standard of advocacy.

We are committed to providing the legal market with access to a workforce where diversity and equality is paramount, one which creates a sense of belonging and ensures we all thrive in our environment.

We want our members to enjoy their careers, be happy and to work with flexibility and continued support from their clerk.

We will strive to be leaders in our industry whilst holding ourselves accountable to break through stereotypes and support our business, our people and our community.

Our Unique Team

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